Why did he do it? Aussie man tunnels out of Bali prison with only 10 weeks left to serve




The hunt is on for an Australian who has broken out of a jail in Bali

Perth man Sean Davidson only had 10 weeks left to serve of his sentence when it's believed he tunnelled to freedom with three other inmates.

Davidson had just two months and 15 days left in the prison after being arrested last year for over staying his visa and using false documents.

Davidson had been using someone else's passport which he claims he found in a hotel.

He was one of four foreign prisoners who escaped from Bali's Kerobokan prison yesterday - it's thought they crawled through a 13-metre long water tunnel.

Police believe they must have had help escaping this way as they would have emerged on the street wet and dirty, which would have attracted attention.

The others were from Bulgaria, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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