White House releases graphic video showcasing video game violence

A montage video of bloody and brutal scenes has been created by US President Donald Trump's administration, to showcase extreme video game violence.

The video was shown during Mr Trump's meeting on Thursday with game-industry executives, watchdog group representatives, lawmakers and other attendees, before being released on YouTube, where it has been viewed over 600,000 times and is the White House's fifth most viewed video since Mr Trump took office. 

It has been suggested, by Mr Trump, that video games contribute to the mass shootings that the US has experienced recently. 

The video-gaming industry has, however, rebutted that there has never been any evidence showing violence in fantasy video games correlate with real-life violence.

The 88 second video was meant to spark conversations of whether "games that graphically simulate killing de-sensitise our community to violence", said the press office.

Instead though, it has not been taken seriously online, with numerous YouTubers describing it as "laughable" and a "joke". 

A series of graphic killings from popular video games, including Call of Duty: Black Ops, Fallout 4, Wolfenstein and Sniper Elite 4, are shown throughout the clip.

"A video game is no different than a movie", said one Youtuber.

Youtube user Delltobbi commented, "All I got from this video was 'I need to play some of these games.'"

Others commented on how the creators had taken these scenes out of context and were sending mixed messages. 

"I notice that there was no footage from America's Army in this. I guess government sponsored wargames are immune to criticism?"