We may be throwing away twice as much food waste as originally thought, study finds

A new study suggests we are throwing away twice as much food as originally thought.

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Researchers now think a third of the world’s food is going to waste, doing more harm than plastic. Source: 1 NEWS

The study from Wageninfen University and Research in the Netherlands looked at how our wealth effects our level of waste.

It found the three most wasted items are bread, leftovers and oranges.

It also states on average we each throw out 32 kilos of food a year.

Not surprisingly, the study found that those who earn more money tend to waste more food.

"The research provides a new globally comparable base against which one can measure progress on the international food waste target," a statement released on the research states.

"It suggests a threshold level of consumer affluence around which to launch intervention policies to prevent food waste from becoming a big problem."

Experts say planning your shopping list is crucial to cutting back waste.