'We just want a peaceful life' - refugees and migrants flock to US-Canada border to flee Donald Trump's America


Refugees and migrants are flocking to the US town of Plattsburgh to flee Donald Trump's America and hiking across the border into Canada.

Our US Correspondent Rebecca Wright visits to the US town of Plattsburgh where people are making the hike across the border.
Source: Q+A

Undocumented immigrants fearful of being deported in the wake of a crackdown by homeland security are among those trying to seek asylum in Canada, as well as citizens of mainly Muslim countries, doubtful their refugee status will be accepted by the Trump administration. 

It is estimated that 2000 people have crossed over into Canada since Donald Trump took office. 

Rather than sneaking across the border into Canada, the people are coming to Plattsburgh and walking right into the arms of border police to be arrested. 

A loophole in the law means that if a person can make it onto Canadian soil, they're able to claim asylum.

And that is exactly what the people coming here want.

1NEWS US Correspondent Rebecca Wright spoke to a man who was trying to flee the country he has called home for over four years due to no longer feeling confident his legal refugee status will remain protected. 

"We just want a peaceful life. Raise our children, have a family but if the country doesn't want us then we will respectfully leave," he said. 

The airline manager was surprised about the way he has been treated in America due to being a legal refugee. 

"I have been working and paying my taxes here for four years, and they never gave me my greencard."

"I do agree with him [that] he wants to make his borders safe but not everyone is bad."

 As they reached the other side into Canada, the man and his wife were handcuffed and taken away by police. 

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