'We have called Russia into account' – Jacinda Ardern reaffirms her stance on missile strikes on Syria

The PM made the comments during her meeting in Berlin with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Source: Breakfast


Jacinda Ardern says she's not the gold standard for raising a child

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has downplayed a portrayal of her as trailblazing mother and national leader in New York, saying she is “not the gold standard” for raising a child.

After delivering a speech about child poverty at UNICEF's social good summit, Ms Ardern appeared on a panel where she was praised for inspiring women juggling motherhood and a career.

“Thank you for putting in that caveat, because anytime anyone remarks on the fact that I’m only the second leader in the world to have a child in office, I’m reminded I’m lucky, I have an incredible support network around me,” she said.

“I have the ability to take my child to work, there’s not many places you can do that, I am not the gold standard for bringing up a child in this current environment because there are things about my circumstances that are not the same.”

Ms Ardern told the panel flexible working arrangements, extended parental leave and spaces at workplaces for breastfeeding made it easier for mothers but there needed to be a cultural shift.

Ultimately, we can provide all of that but unless there is a culture that accepts that children are part of our workplaces, then we won’t change anything,” she said.

“If I can do one thing and that is change the way we think about these things, then I will pleased we have achieved something.”

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has downplayed a portrayal of her as a trailblazer, telling a panel in New York she is “not the gold standard” for raising a child. Source: 1 NEWS


Chicago priest removed after burning rainbow flag, angering LGBT community

The archbishop of Chicago has removed a priest as head of a North Side church after he burned a rainbow banner, angering the LGBT community.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Cardinal Blase Cupich announced Rev Paul Kalchik's removal in a recent letter to parishioners and staff at the Resurrection Catholic Church.

Cupich said he acted "out of concern" for Kalchik and parishioners. He said the 56-year-old priest needed "time away from the parish to receive pastoral support."

Kalchik told the newspaper on Friday that he's not anti-gay and that he was "about as much of a gay basher as Mother Teresa."

An archdiocese spokeswoman told the paper Saturday that the priest's removal wasn't "directly due" to banner's destruction and had been "in the works."

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'Wasn't at 3.30 this morning' - Jacinda Ardern cracks a joke in response to suggestion baby Neve was peaceful

Jacinda Ardern has responded with a quip after baby Neve was praised for being peaceful during a panel appearance in New York.

The prime minister couldn’t let the host’s comment that the newborn was peaceful and “amazing” go unchecked.

“Wasn’t at 3.30 this morning,” Ms Ardern said dryly as the panel and audience laughed.

Earlier, the prime minister had discussed the portrayal of her an inspiration to women everywhere at the Social Good Summit.

Later this week she will address the United Nations' General Assembly. 

The prime minister responded to compliments about how peaceful Neve was with a quip about her baby’s restlessness the previous night. Source: 1 NEWS


'It was very scary' - deadly snake found in daughter's cot by Gold Coast mum

A Gold Coast mum was shocked to find the world's second-deadliest snake lounging in her baby's cot.

Aleisha Mitchley told 9NEWS her four-month-old daughter Sophie had been sleeping in the cot just an hour earlier.

"It was up around the bassinet, in her cot, it was all over," Ms Mitchley said.

"It was petrifying, I was very scared, I didn't know what to do."

It was an eastern brown snake - a highly venomous snake found widely throughout the eastern half of Australia.

Ms Mitchley was also shocked and alarmed to see that the snake was quite able to climb vertical objects.

"I couldn't believe it can climb, so it was climbing on through the window," she said.

"I'm trying to reach for my phone and stop my son from trying to go see the snake.

"It was very scary."

Brown snake venom is one of the most potent known, causing paralysis or muscle weakness, excessive bleeding, and brown snakes are the leading cause of snakebite deaths in Australia.

Aleisha Mitchley’s four-month-old Sophie thankfully wasn’t in bed at the time, but the Gold Coast mum still got a major shock. Source: Nine