Watch: Who's at fault? Oblivious car takes out motorcyclist attempting cheeky pass manoeuvre in bus lane




A motorcylist attempting a daring undertake in Sydney using a bus lane was lucky to walk away unharmed after he collided at high speed with an oblivious car.

A Dash cam captured the crash from earlier this month before the footage was shared online in the Australia Dash Cam Owners Facebook group, sparking debate on who was to blame. 

Many questioned the motorcylist's use of the bus lane, but NSW Police confirmed his move was completely legal.

But that didn't mean the motorbike driver was off the hook, with others criticising his failure to slow down for the car which was indicating it would turn left.

The car driver also has some questions online users want answered, such as why they tried to turn from the middle lane instead of moving across into the bus lane safely before making their turn.

In New South Wales, it is legal to enter a bus lane 100 metres before making a turn.

Emergency services were reportedly not called to the scene, according to Nine News. 

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