Watch: Weather reporter stops man for comment on Hurricane Irma and gets meteorology lesson




A Fox News reporter covering Hurricane Irma got more than he bargained for when approaching a couple strolling along Miami Beach for comment before the storm hit on Monday.

The reporter made a beeline for the middle-aged man and woman, asking the man: "What do you think about the storm? The power, the ferocity and the risk to your own safety at this point?"

The answer he got was not expected with the man launching into a detailed account of the storm and its path westwards, prompting someone in the studio to be heard wondering out loud "is that true?".

Eventually the Fox reporter cuts his losses and bails out of the interview once the man assures him the storm won't impact the area with any great force.

"Forecasters and meteorologists do suggest that is going to get worse than it currently is in the next 12 hours," the reporter says visibly annoyed with the man's analysis.

In the end the reporter's prediction came true with Miami suffering major flooding from the storm.

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