Watch: US cashier keeps his cool as man robs him at gunpoint

A cashier at a takeaway shop in Kansas City has opened up about how he kept his cool after being held at gunpoint.

Tuker Murray was working what seemed like an average shift last Thursday when a man walked in and ordered a sandwich. 

"He ordered the sandwich and acted like everything was cool and asked what type of cheese we had," Mr Murray told the BBC in an interview today.

It was just after ordering his sandwich when the man whipped out a hand gun.

"I just looked at it and I looked back at him and he told me to open the drawer quietly and whispered it to me.

"And I just stared at him and he said it again, open the door quietly.

"And that's when he put it in my face and told me to open the f****** drawer."

Mr Murray said he didn't want to give him the money but his manager behind him was urging him to. 

"I gave it all to him and there were dollars still sitting on there. 

"He said give me all of it and I picked up the till and tried to give it to him." 

According Fox News the man has since been arrested. 

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