Watch: UK man chokes out 'nuisance making' drunk on Ryanair flight as passengers cheer him on




A grey-haired man has taken the law into his own hands by choking out a drunk and disorderly passenger on a Ryanair flight amid cheers from fellow passengers.

Footage of the dramatic June 30 incident, taken by another passenger on the plane, was published on The Sun yesterday. 

Dean Whiteside, a labourer from Essex, caught the moment an older man lost patience with the obnoxious drunk on the flight between England and Spain, putting him in a choke hold and knocking him out cold.

Mr Whiteside told The Sun the drunk man had been "making a nuisance of himself" and annoying the passengers during the two hour flight.

Upon landing in Luton the older man took matters into his own hands.

"Citizens arrest, citizens arrest," Mr Whiteside can be heard yelling as the drunk is taken out.

The appreciateive passengers then cheer in approval happy to be rid of the drunk man's antics.

The drunken man was eventually arrested for common assault by police.

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