Watch: Trump says he tested 'very positively' for Covid-19 before clarifying: ‘positively negative’

President Donald Trump has given a garbled answer about his “positively negative” test result for Covid-19.

The president was asked today at the White House about whether he was still taking hydroxychloroquine.

"I think it's another day. I had a two-week regimen of hydroxychloroqine and I've taken it, I think, just about two weeks. I think it's another day and I'm still here. I'm still here.

"I tested very positively, in another sense, this morning. I tested positively toward negative, right? No, I tested perfectly this morning - meaning I tested negative. But that's a way of saying it: positively toward the negative."

Mr Trump was heading to a Ford Motor plant that had been repurposed to manufacture ventilators for the Covid-19 epidemic.

He said he hopes to go the Kennedy Space Center next week for the SpaceX launch. He joked with reporters that he'd like to stick them on the rocket.

"I'd like to put you on the rocket and get rid of you for a while," he said as he walked away to board Marine One.