Watch: 'There's no logic' - brother of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock explains his utter disbelief at appalling massacre



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The brother of the gunman in the mass shooting at a music concert in Las Vegas said there's no logic to explain the shooting.

Eric Paddock said his brother, Stephen Craig Paddock, 64, played video poker to "stay at home in the casino.''

He said he last got a text from his brother when he checked in on him after the recent hurricane. 

Eric Paddock, who lives in Orlando, said he feels like he was struck by an asteroid after hearing about the shooting.

"There's exactly no, no logic. No reach even for me where my brother would have done this. There's no, freaking... There's nothing.''

He also revealed their father was once on the FBI's most wanted list for robbing banks. 

Sheriff Joe Lombardo says the death toll has risen to 58, with 515 people injured.

Authorities say Paddock killed himself after the shooting. Police have yet to determine a motive.

Ben Northrop had just arrived in Las Vegas for a conference when the mass shooting happened.
Source: 1 NEWS

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