Watch: 'Superwoman' Canberra mum pulls toddler from car moments before it explodes in flames

A quick thinking Canberra mum saved her two young children from a burning car, after a portable battery pack exploded on the front seat.

Catherine Mayes had just parked her Mazda CX5 at a park, with 20-month-old Tommy and five-month-old Hunter in the back, when the Boxo battery pack positioned next to her on the passenger seat, started fuming and then caught on fire, Nine News reports.

In seconds, the entire vehicle was engulfed in flames, but not before Ms Mayes raced to the back seat to gather her two boys.

CCTV footage of the Friday incident shows the panicked mother moving between car seats to rescue her sons as smoke poured out the windows of the SUV.

On the phone to her husband, John Stasik, she can be heard saying "We've got to get away bubba!

"I was just like auto pilot - I need to get my babies out," she told Nine News.

"The ‘what ifs’ are overwhelming but I’m just lucky, just lucky I did get them out and it could have been so much worse," she said.

The battery pack had been kept in the car in case of breakdowns.

The Boxo branded pack also came with a warning against being left in the sun although it is thought even in that case it should not have ignited.

Mr Stasik praised his wife for her actions.

"I’m just glad Catherine was like... superwoman really like, to get them out that quick... and just... oh, she's amazing," he said.

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