Watch: Stunning aerial vision shows river of lava flowing through Hawaiian landscape



Associated Press

Video released from the US Geological Survey shows a steady flow of lava streaming from a fissure on the Big Island of Hawaii and feeding lava flows into the ocean.

The steady stream of lava is coming from a fissure on the Big Island, and heading towards the ocean.
Source: Associated Press

The USGS described the lava flowing out of the fissure as "unabated" and the lava channel as "full".

Gas emissions from the fissure eruption and at the ocean entry continue to be very high, according to an update from the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

Officials are letting some people back into their homes and scaling down emergency operations as lava flows into the ocean on a path that isn't currently threatening new areas.

Lava from the Kilauea volcano has destroyed more than 600 homes since early May.

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