Watch: Spectacular ground-to-cloud lightning dazzles skyline of US city




A spectacular ground-to-cloud lightning strike dazzling the skyline of Oklahoma City has been caught on camera.

The video shows the lightning shoot up from the ground in V-shapes in about three different locations, with the city skyline in the background.

The clip was captured by Wendy Barton who provided it to TV station KOCO 5.

It has had more than 62,000 views on the station's Facebook page.

Viewers who commented wrote that it was classic ground-to-cloud lightning which happens a lot around antennas and towers.

Donna Dove posted: "I saw this, too! It was UNBELIEVABLE! I couldn't stop telling my husband about how gorgeous it was!!! So glad someone got a picture of it."

Alex Santos wrote: "Honestly, those ground to cloud lightning were better than the radar maps on the news stations. Reason why I say is because I shared the event with my family as we were looking out our window with the interior lights turned off."

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