Watch: Skilful pilot pulls off stunning touch-down after landing gear fails

The pilot of a small propeller plane is being hailed for his skill and composure after executing a terrifying emergency landing in Melbourne, scraping lopsidedly across the runway with only half his landing gear down.

The plane had reported its landing gear wasn't working at 5.30pm yesterday as it approached Melbourne's Essendon Airport with five passengers on board.

The Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade reported to Nine News the pilot was forced to circle the airport for 15 minutes while it burned off fuel.

"The pilot did a magnificent job, I take my hat off to him," MFB Commander Graeme Gant said.

"I'm sure it was quite hair-raising for the passengers though."

With only wheels on the right side of the plane having dropped down for landing, the plane can be seen scraping along the runway before finally coming to rest awkwardly.

The five passengers can then be seen frantically exiting the plane, with firemen there to meet them.

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