Watch: Shocking road rage incident sees restricted driver rammed for going slow in Aussie fast lane




A shocking road rage incident on an Australian road has seen an angry driver nearly ram a restricted driver off the road.

Footage of the dramatic side-swipe was captured on dash cam by a vehicle behind the two cars and posted to Facebook yesterday.

The video shows a white four-wheel drive tailgating another vehicle, before breaking aggressively behind it on a Newcastle road in NSW.

The four-wheel drive then moves into the lane next to the restricted driver, following by its side before ramming the car out-of-nowhere then speeding off from the scene.

Since being uploaded to Dash Cam Owners Australia's Facebook page yesterday, the incident has received a mixed reaction as to who was at fault.

Some people who commented on the video think it should be perfectly legal to ram a car travelling slowly in the fast lane, while others were appalled at the actions of the driver who rammed into the other vehicle.

NSW Police say they are aware of the footage and are launching an investigation.

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