Watch: 'This is a shameful experience!' – father and daughter kicked off US flight for allegedly complaining about service




A father and daughter have been kicked off a Frontier Airlines flight after they were allegedly overheard complaining about the US carrier by flight crew.

Video of the incident was posted to Facebook from onboard the Frontier Airlines flight from Orlando to St on Thursday, which showed Whitney Miller and her father being escorted off the flight.

Ms Miller's father, Eric, can be heard saying in the video: "This is the most loathsome experience I can actually say I've indulged in in my 70 years of flying on an airplane.

"This is absolutely incredible. We have a conversation, you feel threatened and we're going to have to leave? This is a shameful experience!"

Ms Miller then posted to Facebook explaining why they were forced off the plane, writing: "My father and I were having a private conversation regarding the awful travel experience and customer service we were experiencing and happen to be overheard by a flight attendant.

"This flight attendant reported us to her supervisor who then approached us stating they felt threatened by us, leading to our removal from the aircraft."

Frontier Airlines have since responded to the incident releasing a statement defending their crews actions.

"Our flight attendants are customer service and safety professionals who are trained to recognise situations that may impact comfort and safety of passengers and crew on board our aircraft.

"The behaviors and comments exhibited by these passengers prior to departure were inappropriate; and as a result they were asked to leave our aircraft. Safety and security of our passengers and crew is our number one priority," the statement read.

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