Watch: Scientist's startling video shows just how quickly global temperatures are climbing




A UK climate scientist has used a simple video to showcase the rapid rise of global temperatures since the middle of the 19th Century.

Professor Ed Hawkins of the University of Reading tweeted the animation which documents the "spiralling" global temperature change from 1850 to 2016.

The Washington Post called it the "most compelling global warming visualization ever made", while Professor Hawkins told the Post he was simply trying to explain global warming in a different way.

"As scientists I think we need to communicate, and try different things, and this was just one of those trials, and it has turned out very well," Dr Hawkins said.

The animation used data from the UK Met Office's Hadley Centre and the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Center, the Post reported.

Meanwhile, the month of April has broken global temperature records and is the seventh month in succession to break the monthly record, The Guardian reported.

The latest figures show April passed the previous record for the month by the largest margin ever, adding to the two previous months which also broke the record by the largest margin ever.

Nasa said the global temperature of land and sea was 1.11C hotter in April than the average temperature for April between 1951 and 1980, The Guardian reported.

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