Watch: Russian reporter sucker punched live on air by drunk at paratrooper party




A Russian television journalist has attacked by a drunken reveller during a live cross from an annual paratrooper party in Moscow yesterday.  

Nikita Razvozzhayev, a journalist for Russian news channel NTV, was giving a piece to camera praising Russian paratroopers when a large bearded man approached him, launching into an expletive-laden rant about Russia's involvement in the Ukraine.

The confrontation turned violent when the journalist asked the man to leave the shot, which he didn't take kindly to, throwing a hay-maker at the journalist striking him square on the jaw.

"If you talk to me like that you'll get it," the man yelled before he threw the heavy handed punch.

The live cross abruptly finished crossing back to the anchor in the television studio looking stunned.

Footage of the incident which took place in Moscow's Gorky Park has quickly gone viral, being viewed nearly 500,000 times on NTV's website.

Police officers quickly detained the 32-year-old man and have begun investigating the attack, NTV reports.

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