Watch: Reporter confronts Aussie convicted of stepson's manslaughter who laughed while walking from court




An Australian reporter has confronted the father who was convicted over the death of his four-year-old stepson and asked why he laughed as he walked free from court. 

Matthew Scown was sentenced to a maximum four years' jail for the manslaughter of Tyrell Cobb in May 2009, but walked from the Brisbane Supreme Court hours later after the remainder of his sentence was suspended.

Scown had spent two years and eight months in custody and was not responsible for the injuries that killed Tyrell, but had failed in his duty of care to the boy who died on the Gold Coast, Justice Martin Burns said.

The sentence angered child protection advocates, especially after he was pictured laughing upon his exit from court.

When asked what Scown found so funny, he claims he laughed at a TV cameraman who walked backwards into a rubbish bin while filming him exiting court. 

However, Nine News caught him smirking as he walked the streets a free man before the incident. 

As a result of the case, the Queensland government will ask its sentencing advisory council to look at whether harsher penalties should be handed to people convicted over the death of child.

The announcement came hours after Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the government will consider appealing Scown's suspended sentence.

"How insensitive is that for the man to be laughing after the death of his stepson. Absolutely, absolutely unacceptable," Ms Palaszczuk told the Nine Network yesterday.

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