Watch: Reckless driver triggers terrifying chain-reaction crash on Californian highway




A reckless driver attempting to weave their way through traffic on a Californian highway has caused a terrifying chain reaction crash. 

The shocking incident was captured on camera by another vehicle travelling along the busy highway on Wednesday afternoon (local time). 

The footage shows the driver of an allegedly stolen Infiniti sedan trying to weave its way between a car and a semi-trailer.

The unsuccessful manoeuvre sees the Infiniti collide with a BMW, which then loses control, becoming lodged underneath the semi-trailer.

Another vehicle manages to swerve away at the last second, narrowly avoiding the Infiniti as it races past leaving the carnage behind.

After being uploaded to Facebook on Thursday, the video has already been viewed more than five million times.

Sargent Joe Corney of the California Highway Police told local publication The Press Enterprise a member of the public saw the video on Facebook and recognised the car as their stolen Infiniti.

Police are now searching for the hit-and-run driver. "We're working leads to arrest him," Sargent Corney said. 

The BMW driver did not suffer any serious injuries, The Press Enterprise reported.

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