Watch: Quick-thinking guard saves boozed-up commuter who plunged onto tracks as train approached




A heavily-intoxicated man is lucky to be alive after falling onto train tracks in Queensland after a night out.

Rail guard Ray Andrews was caught on CCTV saving the man's life after he was shown swaying before suddenly falling over the yellow line and onto the tracks below.

The Queensland guard can be seen signaling to the oncoming train to stop as other staff and the man's friends rush to help the man.

The train driver applies the emergency brakes just in time.

"If I wasn't there at the right place at the right time waving my arms, that driver would definitely not have stopped and that passenger on the tracks he might have lost his life," Mr Andrews said.

The incident comas as Queensland Rail issues a warning over intoxicated travellers endangering themselves as well as other passengers.

"Railways are a dangerous place if you are not in control," Citytrain Executive General Manager Nick King told 9NEWS.

"The next thing you know is you've fallen in front of a train or something horrendous like that and the consequences then are shocking," he added.

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