Watch: Quick-thinking Aussie teens save kangaroo stuck deep in mud flats up to its neck

A pair of Aussie teens have got their hands dirty in a spur of the moment rescue mission to save a kangaroo stuck deep in mud flats on the outskirts of Sydney.

Jack Donnelly and Nick Heath, both aged 19, were riding their motorbikes near the Nepean River yesterday when they came across the marsupial wailing in distress and stuck in the mud up to its neck.

Unfortunately the roo couldn't be initially reached by the teens, so they went home quickly to grab rope, Nine News reported

Arriving back to the stranded animal, Nick Heath ventured out into the mud flat with the rope tied around him to where the kangaroo was partially submerged.

"You got the cargo," Jack Donnelly can be heard as he films the rescue effort.

After extracting the kangaroo, Nick can be seen holding and patting the exhaused creatrue.

"The roo's life was important to us so we went out on an arm and leg and got it," Nick said.

"We think he went searching for water there and it was really muddy so he got himself really stuck.

"It's a pretty patriotic thing to do and we're proud of what we did. If we saw something like that again, we'll do it all over again."


Watch: 'Agitated' American Airlines passenger forcefully removed from plane after allegedly touching woman without permission

A passenger on board an American Airlines flight was forcibly removed after a female passenger complained he was touching her without consent, with police attempting to Taser him ten times.

The incident took place on April 22 at Miami International Airport, The Washington Post reports, where Jacob Garcia, 28, boarded a flight to his home town of Chicago.

The police report says a female passenger sitting next to him complained that he had touched her without permission, and airline staff asked him to switch seats.

At that point, he reportedly began to yell and insult the woman and her boyfriend.

Another passenger, Jabari Ennis, said Garcia looked "agitated" when he came on board and used "racial slurs to several people".

An argument broke out and the plane's crew asked all passengers to disembark from the plane until things were sorted out, but Garcia refused to go, and police were called in.

Video shows him repeatedly asking why he was being forced off the plane, and then taunted police to "Taser me, you'll see what happens".

They did - but one of the Taser barbs did not connect and the Tasering was ineffective.

Garcia continued to yell and ask why he was being removed, and after the three officers got him under control, he was removed.

The Post reports Garcia was then driven through the airport to a police car, where he kicked out a window and even lunged for an officer's gun.

His former legal guardian told The Post it was out of character for Garcia, who was reportedly a straight-A veterinary school student who loves animals and people.


Raw video: Aussie youths laugh as they steal flowers laid for fallen soldiers at Anzac memorial in Melbourne

With Anzac Day approaching tomorrow, a shocking video has emerged on social media that captures the moment a group of Aussie teens laugh as they steal flowers laid for fallen soldiers at a memorial in Melbourne, Australia.

The footage was posted to Snapchat yesterday, with the images showing two teenage boys carrying armfuls of wreaths away from a Box Hill Anzac memorial while the girl filming eggs them on and laughs.

"He got all of them!" The girl can be heard saying on the video.

The video has drawn outrage from many after being posted on Facebook by a user wishing to highlight the "putrid" act.

"These scum decided to go to a Box Hill gardens and steal flowers that friends, family, even strangers have laid for these beautiful veterans that have fought for our country and passed away," Rachel Hall posted.

"This is beyond disrespectful and I can't put into words how sick, angry and f------ upset this makes me feel," another user posted.

Police are investigating the incident according to Australia's Nine News.