Watch: Queen's guardsman collapses during sweltering Trooping of the Colour parade




The sweltering English sun proved too much for some of the Queen's guardsmen at the Trooping of the Colour parade in London today.

Footage captured one of the Queen’s loyal guards falling unconscious during the parade, causing a pause in proceedings as fellow comrades stretchered him off.

Another four guards suffered the same fate, according to reports from the UK’s Daily Express.

The odds were definitely stacked against the guards from the offset, as they were decked out in full regalia, including their trademark black bearskin hats.

Collapsing guardsmen is becoming a common occurrence after a number of them fainted at last year’s parade.

The parade is held in honour of the Queen's birthday which she traditionally celebrates in June when the weather can be balmy, rather than in April, the month of her actual birth.

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