Watch: Prince Harry tears up delivering speech about son at WellChild awards

Prince Harry had to take a moment while delivering an emotional speech about becoming a new parent at the WellChild awards in London today.

WellChild is a charity that provides care for seriously ill children and young people in the UK, and it's awards are often attended by celebrities and ambassadors.

The Duke of Sussex spoke at this year's event about the new meaning the awards have for he and wife Meghan after they had their own son, Archie, in May.

"It has been over a decade since I first came to these awards and every year they never failed to surprise or inspire me," he said.

"Yet this year it resonates in a different way because now I'm a father."

He said last year when the couple attended they were the only ones who knew they were expecting their first child.

"I remember squeezing Meghan's hand so tight during the awards and both of us were thinking what it would be like to be parents one day, and more so what it would be like to do everything we could to protect and help our child should they be born with immediate challenges or become unwell over time.

"Now as parents, being here and speaking to all of you pulls at my heartstrings in a way I could never have understood until I had a child of my own."

Prince Harry said, while no parent wants to learn that their child will suffer or face challenges, those at the event had shown strength and hope "that no professional, no best-selling book and no advice could ever give us".

He also said WellChild was not only about having a well child, but also a well parent and family.

"This community's mission is clear, and in the face of rapidly growing need with the charity almost entirely funded through the generosity of donors, we all must continue to mass resource, bring awareness and open our hearts."