Watch: Oh no! Dancing AFL Brownlow Medal winner throws his daughter in the air - then misses the catch




An AFL star's football skills let him down badly when he was dancing with his young daughter as he failed to catch her when he threw her up into the air. 

Tigers skipper Trent Cotchin was filmed dancing with his daughter Harper yesterday by his wife as they goofed around. 

The father-daughter dancing duo were side stepping while holding hands and filmed completing a twirl before Mr Cotchin's second attempt at throwing Harper in the air went horribly wrong.

Harper was raised above Cotchin's head and fell out of his grasp, hitting the floor hard as she landed. 

He can be seen quickly scooping her up into her arms after the incident. 

Brooke Cotchin then posted the video to Instagram and said, "When you pop out to a dress fitting and come home to video's like these."

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