Watch: 'Oh my god!' - Shocking moment toddler wanders onto busy road, narrowly avoiding car




A toddler who wandered onto a busy road in Perth has been rescued by a concerned motorist, narrowly avoiding a tragedy.

Video uploaded to the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page yesterday shows the shocking moment a little girl with a dummy in her mouth walks off a footpath straight onto Berwick Street in Victoria Park, as a vehicle drives past.

"Oh my god," a driver says as she slams on the brakes upon spotting the toddler on Sunday.

The woman can then be seen racing out of her car to pick up the girl in her arms, as a police car farther up the road turn back and join the scene.

The caption on the Facebook video explained how the toddler came to be on the road:  "Baby had snuck out through the garage door - all happened very quickly. Mum very grateful we stopped to keep the baby safe."

If not for the actions of the quick thinking driver the situation could have ended in tragedy.

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