Watch: 'Oh for God's sake!' - Woman's classic response to UK snap election strikes a chord across Britain




A straight-talking British woman's dismay at news of a general election in June seems to have encapsulated the feelings of those in the UK annoyed with the current political climate.

BBC journalist John Kay approached a woman, named as Brenda, on a Bristol street, for her thoughts about Prime Minister Theresa May's shock election announcement last night (NZT).

"You're joking? Not another one. Oh for God's sake, honestly I can't stand this," Brenda told the reporter.

"There's too much politics going on at the moment, why does she need to do it?"

Brenda went on to say "I think the whole country has had enough of politics, politicians telling us this, that and the other, and to have us in June for a General Election, no, definitely not."

Ms May's call for a snap June 8 general election seeks to strengthen her hand in Brexit talks and tighten her grip on her Conservative Party.

Brenda's thought were met with a wave of support on social media.

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