Watch: Nurse suspected of fatally poisoning at least two elderly patients in Japan



Associated Press

Japanese authorities have raided the apartment of a nurse who's in custody on suspicion of poisoning to death at least two elderly patients at a terminal care hospital.

Ayumi Kuboki may have poisoned around 20 patients to have them die while she was off-duty.
Source: Associated Press

Kanagawa prefectural police said today that they searched 31-year-old Ayumi Kuboki's apartment in Yokohama, near Tokyo, for more evidence in the case.

Local media say Kuboki told police she may have poisoned about 20 patients to have them die when she was off-duty.

Police say they arrested Kuboki on suspicion of killing two elderly male patients within days in September 2016 by injecting disinfectant into their intravenous drips at the hospital.

Police have since investigated the case.

The hospital has acknowledged a spike of patients' deaths around that time.

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