Watch: Moment inept thief gets trapped in automatic servo doors trying to escape




An Aussie man has given new meaning to the term "amateur thief", after he became trapped in a service station he had just robbed by the automatic sliding doors.

Armed with scissors, and disguised in a baseball cap, the man jumped the counter of a Melbourne service station on September 20, pocketing cash and cigarettes, the Daily Mail reported. 

But when he attempted to flee, the automatic sliding doors out would not budge.

Over the next five minutes, the man attempted to pull the doors open by hand with little result.

An even less ingenious plan was his effort to smash them open with the till of the cash register he had just robbed, causing money to fly all over the floor.

To top off the comical robbery, the thief can clearly be seen on the CCTV vision wearing underwear with the word "Friday" printed on them.

He finally did manage to escape and remains at large.

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