Watch: Mexico volcano in spectacular night-time eruption




Spectacular video has emerged of Mexico's Colima volcano in what is said to be one of its most dramatic night-time eruptions seen in recent years.

Today's eruption was seen in a webcam livestream and the video was posted by LiveLeak which reported the eruption could be heard over 60 kilometres away.

The volcano sent lava, smoke and a bolt of lightning skywards in the latest of a series of explosions that began on January 7.

It affected travel from the town of Colima but there's been no reports of injuries.

Volcano Discovery reports the volcano's activity remains above average. 

"Vulcanian-type explosions from the summit crater occur at intervals of several hours and are sometimes very powerful, generating dense ash columns that rise 2-4 km, and cover the upper slopes of the volcano with bombs," the site reported.

"Some of them also generate small pyroclastic flows descending the steep upper flank."

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