Watch: Man narrowly escapes death as bank he's walking along collapses into raging Argentina floodwaters

A man had a narrow escape from death when part of a river bank he was walking along in Argentina collapsed into raging floodwaters below only a second after he walked over the spot.

Video of the incident shows a group of people walking along the banks of the River Pilcomayo in northern Argentina as the water reportedly rose to seven metres.

One man walks past the spot that's about to slip, but onlookers, apparently seeing what was about to happen, start shouting as another man steps over.  The ground disappears just a second later.

The video carried by Australia's Nine News is taken from a cliff above the river bank.

Heavy rain for days has affected more than 60,000 people in the region, Argentinian authorities have said.

Severe flooding has hit several parts of South America, including Bolivia where it has reportedly killed at least six people and left at least 50,000 homeless.