Watch: Man led away from yacht as Australian police seize massive haul of cocaine with help of NZ Customs




New Zealand Customs was involved in the interception of a cocaine haul which is believed to be among the largest in recent Australian history.

Six people have been arrested and a massive haul of cocaine has been seized following a two-and-a-half year investigation.
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Australian Federal Police (AFP) have arrested six men, aged between 32 and 66, over the cocaine haul.

In August 2014, the AFP received intelligence from the NZ Customs about a conspiracy to import a commercial quantity of border-controlled drugs into Australia.

Australia police will allege a sailing vessel, the Elakha, travelled from New Zealand to a "mothership" in the South Pacific Ocean last month to collect the drugs.

Authorities have arrested six people so far over the haul.
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Shortly before midnight on Thursday, the HMAS Bathurst intercepted the Elakha.

Maritime Border Command (MBC) personnel boarded the vessel, and the two crew members - a 63-year-old New Zealand man and a 54-year-old Swiss-Fijian national - were detained under the Maritime Powers Act 2013 (Cth).

Black bags containing a large quantity of blocks were discovered on the vessel.

Initial testing of the blocks returned a positive result for cocaine with an estimated weight of 1422 kilograms (1.4 tonnes).

This amount of cocaine has a street value of $327 million, though further forensic testing will be conducted to determine exact weight and purity.

Footage released by the AFP shows officers removing several large bags of evidence from a boat and placing them into the back of the truck.

Two men are also shown being led away in handcuffs from the scene.

One of the men arrested is believed to have worked at a St Georges Basin maritime training facility.

A police source told News Corp Australia that they expect "there may be further arrests," over the bust.

It's not known yet the extent to which New Zealand customs was involved in the operation. 

The maximum penalty for this offence is life imprisonment.

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