Watch: Man almost suffocates while pinned under monster 120kg gym barbell after weights fail




A Queensland gym-goer may have been seconds away from suffocating to death under the weight of a 120kg barbell that became pinned over his neck in a freak lifting accident.

Confronting CCTV footage from the Genesis gym in Morayfield, north of Brisbane, has been released of 28-year-old Jason Layt's failed attempt to bench press 120kg.

Layt is unable to lift the weight and it comes down over his neck, pinning him there for 17 seconds, at which point he appears to be giving up.

Thankfully, another gym-goer notices Layt struggling at this point and comes to his aid, removing the weight.

"I gave up trying to get it off, so I turned to my side. One whole side of my neck went numb. I couldn’t stop shaking," Mr Layt said to the Courier Mail. 

"It was only 3kg more than my personal best, but I couldn’t lift it off."

Mr Layt spend five hours in hospital in a neck brace following the accident.

Footage of Mr Layt's near miss came out this week as 15-year-old Ben Shaw was taken off life support, for another similar accident in a Queensland gym.

Shaw dropped a 100kg weight on his neck and was trapped beneath it for half an hour at the Pine Rivers PCYC gym in Brisbane before he was released. 

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