Watch: Madrid's youth make most of record snowy weather with mass snowball fight

Groups of young people in snow-covered Madrid participated in mass snowball fights after a unprecedented blizzard hit the Spanish capital, and large parts of the country.

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The Spanish capital has been blanketed with record levels of snow. Source: Associated Press

Youths were seen throwing snowballs at each other in city squares as well as using street furniture like dustbins during the fight.

Police vehicles were later driven between the groups.

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Four dead, thousands trapped in cars as unusually heavy snow blankets Spain

Madrid is enduring what the city's mayor described as "the worst storm since the 1980s" prompting the closure of the city's main park and restrictions on the suburban belts of highways.

Woman skies past the Cibeles monument in central Madrid, Spain, after heavy snowfall. Source: Associated Press

More than 50 centimetres of snow fell in the capital on Sunday. Other parts of Spain were blanketed with 50-year record levels of snow, killing at least four people and leaving thousands trapped in cars or in train stations and airports.

Authorities in Madrid activated the red alert for the first time since the system was adopted four decades ago and called in the military to rescue people from vehicles trapped on everything from small roads to the city's major thoroughfares.

Neighbours meeting during heavy snowfall in Bustarviejo, outskirts of Madrid, Spain. Source: Associated Press

On Sunday, troops from Spain's Military Emergencies Unit were deployed to Madrid's international airport and main wholesale market to help clear the heavy snow brought by Storm Filomena.