Watch: Lighthearted press conference moment sees Angela Merkel praise Jacinda Ardern - 'You can be proud of your Prime Minister'

Angela Merkel says New Zealand "can be proud of your Prime Minister" at a joint press conference between the two world leaders in Berlin today.

The comments come after the German chancellor was asked about how her meeting with the Prime Minister went.

The pair met at the Federal Chancellery during the Prime Minister's Europe trip. Source: Breakfast

"She wants to know if you found me likeable," Ms Ardern had joked.

"It was very interesting and it was fun, so you can be proud of your Prime Minister, if you want to write this down for the New Zealand press," Ms Merkel responded.

"This will be the headline, I trust, for tomorrow's papers."

1 NEWS' Europe Correspondent analyses the Ms Ardern’s meeting with the German Chancellor. Source: Breakfast

The German Chancellor met Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to discuss key regional and international security challenges, including the recent US-led airstrikes carried out in Syria.

The German Chancellor made the comments at a press conference in Berlin. Source: 1 NEWS