Watch: Light plane clips tree, plunges to ground in spectacular crash




The pilot of a light plane has miraculously escaped with only minor injuries after his single-engine Cessna careened into a tree and crash landed in a Connecticut parking lot.

The 80-year-old, Manfred Forst, had been attempting to land his Cessna at the Plainville Airport in Connecticut but his trajectory was a fair way off.

Frost's plane can be seen just missing one tree in the airport parking lot, and then crashing directly into another.

The tree may have actually helped bring Forst's plane down softer than otherwise, and he escaped with only minor injuries.

A witness at the scene, David Thayer, told Eyewitness News in the US he could see something was wrong from a way out.

"I saw it going directly across, probably 200 yards from where I was sitting, knew it was going the wrong way obviously," Thayer said.

"I knew he had a problem. It was wavering, it was going very slow.

"I heard the bang and knew that he went down."

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