Watch: Ingenious robot helper lets sick American boy go to school




Correspondence learning took on a new meaning when a young boy who fell ill decided he wanted to continue attending school via FaceTime. 

Jacob Haldeman had a sudden heart illness, and was told he could only be home-schooled for his own safety. 

His friends missed him so much, one of them told her father about him. 

Bill Darling worked at Ohio State University, and had the idea of building him an iPad-carrying mini Segway, so he could still 'attend' classes live. 

"Going to school for a kid is so much more about the learning and the books and the information that you take in, so much of it is the social interaction," he said.

"It's something the kids go through together."

His school in Ohio, US, shared the story of his unique correspondence learning in a video published to YouTube two days ago.

Jacob's illness still has not been identified by doctors, but he may need a double lung transplant due to issues with his respiratory system. 

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