Watch: Incredible scene as emotional football fans pack out Colombian stadium to sing and chant tributes to plane crash victims




Colombians dressed in white are arriving at a football stadium in Medellin to pay tribute to a Brazilian team that was nearly wiped out in a plane crash outside the city.

A tribute to Brazil's Chapecoense football team is in full swing in Medellin, Colombia.

Despite the tragic circumstances, the mood is surprisingly festive as fans of Medellin's Atletico Nacional soccer club shout slogans in support of Brazil's Chapecoense team. 

The Brazilian squad was supposed to have played the hometown team Wednesday night in the first round of the two-game finals of the Copa Sudamericana tournament.

Medellin's mayor is in attendance and there is talk the event may also draw Brazilian Foreign Minister Jose Serra, who arrived in the city to oversee the repatriation of the bodies of the mostly Brazilian victims.

Atletico Nacional has proposed that the Copa Sudamericana title be awarded to its Brazilian rival in honour of the team and the football world's loss.

A military band's memorial tune brought tears to the faces of Atletico Nacional's normally stern-faced players and everyone else in the nearly full 40,000-seat stadium.

Black Hawk helicopters that helped in the rescue operation that managed to pull six survivors from the wreckage performed a fly-over.

Several first responders who were at the crash scene attended.

Brazilian Foreign Minister Jose Serra fought to hold back tears as he thanked fans for their show of solidarity.

He told them: "It's a light of hope when all of us are trying to understand what's impossible to understand."

A chartered plane crashed into a hillside and broke into pieces, killing 71 people and leaving six survivors.
Source: Associated Press

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