Watch: Incredible Mars flyover gives you real life close up of Martian landscape - without having to go there




A spectacular flyover of Mars has been created by hand stitching images from an orbiter camera, depicting the Martian landscape like never before. 

In the past 12 years, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter's camera has taken over 50,000 photos which Finland's Jan Frodjman transformed into the stunning video. 

The breath-taking clip shows the landscape in all its glory, showcasing craters, deep valleys and mesa's. 

The talented filmmaker described creating the flyover effect as if it was like assembling a puzzle, he told the American based news site, Wired

"It was a very slow process," he said, which started by colourising photos snapped by the orbiter camera, which are captured in greyscale. 

From there, he identified certain features on the planet, such as mountains and craters, and pieced them together, carefully stitching the images together. 

By rendering the frames for the 3D effect, the compelling video came to life, which took three months to complete. 

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