Watch: 'I have no words' - Zimbabwe woman breaks down in tears of joy over Mugabe's resignation live on TV

A Zimbabwe woman has been reduced to tears during a live interview as she reflected on the emotional toll Robert Mugabe's oppressive 37 year reign had on her life and fellow citizens.

Filmed against the the backdrop of the Harare city scape at dusk, the overwhelmed Zimbabwean described Mugabe's resignation today as a "victory for our children".

"I have no words I can't even express myself. It's an amazing feeling, I've go mixed emotions, I ran into the crowd earlier and I was crying and I was screaming because it's an emotional feeling, I can't explain how I feel," the woman said to a BBC reporter.

The woman interviewed said she left Zimbabwe when she was 17, living in the UK for 10 years, before returning to her native country for the last eight years.

Since her return, the woman said she has seen "nothing but the worst in our country". 

"We did not want Mugabe at all. We are tired of this man, we are so glad he's gone. We don't want him anymore and, yes, today it's victory," she said.

"It's victory in our hearts, it's victory for our children."

The woman could then not go on with the interview, as she broke down in tears. 

Former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe today resigned in a letter to the country's parliament.