Watch: Gwyneth Paltrow says Harvey Weinstein is a 'coercer' in awkward 1998 interview




An interview from nearly two decades ago has emerged where Gwyneth Paltrow, one of a number of high profile women who has accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, called him a "coercer."

The footage from an interview between David Letterman and Paltrow in 1998 has found new interest, as Mr Weinstein is under increasing pressure to deny claims of rape and harassment against Hollywood actresses ranging from Angelina Jolie to Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan.

What would have looked like a normal interview at the time now seems somewhat awkward after the recent accusations against the movie mogul. 

In the interview host Letterman asks Paltrow, who was on the show to promote the film Shakespeare in Love, what her travel plans are for Thanksgiving.

Letterman then asks: "Are you here of your own free will? Has someone coerced you into being here?"

"Do you count Harvey Weinstein as a coercer," Paltrow responded, before continuing: "I do all my movies for Harvey Weinstein, that's Miramax, and I'm lucky to do them there but he will coerce you to do a thing or two."

Letterman then asks what Paltrow gets in return for doing things for Weinstein, she pauses briefly then says "nothing".

Many are calling for sweeping changes in the industry, and urging more women to speak out about harassment and abuse after the allegations came to light earlier this week.

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