Watch: French vintners protest cheap Spanish wine by smashing bottles



Associated Press

Dozens of French vintners vented their anger over cheap competition from Spain overnight at a metro supermarket in Caissargues.

They smashed bottles and spilled wine across the parking lot of the supermarket, in what they hope is a burgeoning protest movement.

Police monitored the protest but did not intervene, nor did personnel at the Metro market near the southern French city of Nimes.

The vintners say their cellars are overstocked with rich reds that they can't sell because of cut-price competition from across the nearby Spanish border.

The French vintners say the foreign wines are misleadingly labelled in French so many consumers don't realise that they are imports.

Organised by the Gard region vintners' union, the protest began at the Nimes region agricultural office before moving to the hypermarket.

The union held a similar protest last month and wants to continue the movement to press stores to stop stocking the imported wine.

The protesters spilled wine and smashed bottles on a supermarket's car park in Caissargues in anger over the price of Spanish wine.
Source: Associated Press

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