Watch: Firefighter raises spirits by riding inflatable whale through US floodwaters

The remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon have caused severe flooding in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, but one firefighter was able to see the funny site of the situation as he took to an inflatable whale in a township for some light relief.

Video of the whale rider firefighter, decked out in his firefighting suit and helmet, was supplied to WTAE-TV Pittsburgh, which posted it on its Facebook page.

"Sometimes you need a raft. Other situations call for ... an inflatable whale?" the TV station wrote with its post.

"Thanks to a WTAE viewer for sharing this video from the Buena Vista community in Elizabeth Township."

The firefigjhter grins as he rides the black and white inflatable whale.

Pittsburgh is now above its usual total annual rainfall, after the storm moved through over the weekend. 

The firefighter's whale riding outing has drawn many comments on Facebook.

"Finding joy in a horrible situation," one user wrote.

Another offered: "My grandson has an alligator you guys can borrow."

But another complained: "I doubt anyone living in the area found humor in it."

The focus is now turning to Hurricane Florence, a powerful storm expected to make landfall along the US east coast sometime Friday NZT, though its eventual track is still uncertain.

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