Watch as enraged Sydney man hurls McDonald's cash register after being told to scan Covid QR code

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard has slammed people resisting QR code check-ins, with video emerging of an angry rampage at a Sydney McDonald's.

The CCTV footage, captured at Kellyville, shows a man yelling at staff before violently shoving a cash register off the counter, smashing it.

The tirade was allegedly sparked by a simple - and mandatory - request that he sign in to the venue with a QR code, as per Covid-19 rules.

Mr Hazzard says the behaviour is appalling.

"Anybody who thinks it's OK to not do a QR Code but more importantly to attack staff members who are trying to enforce it really need to have the full weight of the law thrown at them," he told reporters on Monday.

"We've had almost a year of Covid and we all know the value of QR Codes to keeping us safe."

Castle Hill police are urging anyone who recognises the man from the video, which was taken around 8pm Saturday night, to come forward.