Watch: Double trouble! Mischievous young twins caught red-handed creating pillow forts during the night




Mischievous twin boys who constantly climb out of their cribs to build pillow forts have been caught red-handed on their bedroom security camera. 

The footage was posted on Facebook as a timelapse by the dad of the identical 2-year-old boys - named Andrew and Ryan - and has been viewed over 12 million times. 

The troublemakers can be seen climbing in and out of their cribs, sitting together on a couch and throwing their mattresses to the floor onto a small mountain of pillows they have collected from around their shared room. 

"When the parents are away the cubs will play... even if it comes at the expense of sleep," Jonathan Balkin posted on Facebook. 

During the twins' antics, Mr Balkin walks in on the boys to find them rolling around amongst the pillows and puts them both back to bed. 

However, they break out of their cribs again and Mr Balkin then brings in his wife, Susana, to settle the boys and to tidy the room. 

The boys then share a quick conversation between their cribs before falling to sleep. 

Mr Balkin told America's NBC 4 his sons had been causing chaos for about three months and that he and Mrs Balkin had "slowly removed everything and bolted the furniture to the walls."

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