Watch: Donald Trump embarks on excruciatingly long handshake with French President - bit is it a sign they actually like each other?




A muscular handshake that turned their knuckles white seems to be giving way to a budding friendship between Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron.

Once again, the US President's unique method of greeting has hit the headlines.
Source: 1 NEWS

The unexpected bromance between the leaders of America and France was on full display for the world at the annual Bastille Day military parade and celebration in Paris.

This year the event coincided with the 100th anniversary of the US entry into World War I.

Trump spent a large portion of his day and a half in the French capital in the embrace of Macron, who went to extraordinary lengths to impress the US president by turning a day of national pride into a celebration of American patriotism and friendship between the two countries.

Trump and Macron exchanged many handshakes during the course of Trump's first visit to France as president, perhaps none more telling than the one they shared after the parade.

As Trump prepared to head home to the United States, the leaders clasped hands and held on to each other as they walked. Trump at one point pulled the smaller Macron off balance and held fast as they approached their wives.

Even then, Trump held on to Macron's hand as he shook hands with Macron's wife, Brigitte.

They appeared to have moved beyond that tense introduction in May, when a white-knuckle handshake that Macron later said was meant to show he's no pushover was widely

interpreted as a sign of the fraught relations to come. Trump's brand of "America First" politics had unsettled some European allies.

But the body language in Paris this week suggested their relationship has moved to a new level. Both seemed to minimize differences in order to focus on areas where they can work together, such as the crisis in Syria and Mideast security.

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