Watch: Are Donald and Ivanka Trump following 'Buy American' rules?



Associated Press

President Donald Trump hopes to revive the economic populism that helped drive his election campaign, signing an order yesterday in politically important Wisconsin to tighten rules on technology companies bringing in highly skilled foreign workers.

President Trump has signed a new order aimed at stopping companies from sourcing foreign goods and labour.
Source: 1 NEWS

Trump toured the headquarters of tool manufacturer Snap-on Inc., and then he signed an order aimed at curbing what his administration says are hiring abuses in a visa program used by US technology companies.

Dubbed "Buy American, Hire American," the directive follows a series of recent Trump reversals on economic policies.

The president is targeting the H-1B visa programme, which the White House says undercuts US workers by bringing in large numbers of cheaper, foreign workers, driving down wages.

Trump has long pledged to support American goods and workers, but his own business record is mixed. Many Trump-branded products, like clothing, are made overseas. His businesses have also hired foreign workers, including at his Palm Beach, Florida, club.

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