Watch: The deadly aftermath after a bus collides with a truck in Kenya



Associated Press

A police official says a collision between a truck and a bus in western Kenya has killed at least 36 people.

Thirty-six people were killed in the head-on collision in western Kenya.
Source: Associated Press

Rift Valley Traffic Commandant Zero Arome said on Sunday the accident involved a bus heading to the capital city, Nairobi, from Busia County and a truck heading from Nakuru County to Eldoret town.

Mr Arome said the bus's brakes are suspected to have failed.

The National Transport and Safety Authority has been criticised for failing to reduce road accidents, which account for around 3000 Kenyan deaths every year.

While authorities have blamed careless road users, unroadworthy vehicles and speeding for the accidents, other observers say poor road construction and maintenance are to blame.

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