Watch: CNN reporter remarkably calm ducking for cover as ISIS takes potshots at Iraqi-led forces




Iraqi-led forces have achieved "key objectives" in their crusade to reclaim the largest region in the country - Mosul - under ISIS control.

But the rebel forces nearly had one-up on a government-led force, and a CNN crew, stationed south-east of Mosul this week.

CNN's Paton Walsh was reporting on Peshmerga forces' crusade to retain Mosul, which has been under ISIS' control, when rebel forces suddenly took potshots at the convoy.

Thankfully, no one was shot or injured.

CNN reported that government forces have cleared nine villages and extended control over a key road.

The total area that Peshmerga forces have cleared is about 200km sq.

The villages include Baskhira, Tarjala, Kharbat Sultan, Karbirli, Bazgirtan, Shaquli, Badana Bchuk, Badana Gawre, Shekh Amir and a tile factory west of Hasan Shami.

Peshmerga also secured a significant stretch of the Erbil-Mosul road.

Iraq's military says it has inflicted "heavy losses of life and equipment" on ISIS, south-east of Mosul as Iraqi-led forces try to recapture it from the terror group.

"We have achieved a lot of success so far," said Masoud Barzani, president of the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi made a televised statement yesterday, announcing the start of the mission to retake Iraq's second-largest city and free more than one million residents from life under ISIS.

Mosul is the largest city under ISIS control and its last remaining stronghold in Iraq.

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